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Lee Wyllie grew up on her family's hobby farm caring for and working with all types of animals.  It was early on when she discovered her ability to form a connection with animals through communication, compassion and respect.  It was also from this early experience that Lee developed her devotion to animals, a strong sense of responsibility and intense work ethic, all of which she carries with her today in the day-to-day operation of Signature Pet Services.

Through the years, Lee has continued to demonstrate her devotion to animals by volunteering her time dog walking, fostering dogs, and caring for cats through the BC SPCA. As a donor, she also provides ongoing financial support to many animal charities and breed rescue groups in need. Most recently, she provided warm winter jackets for senior Dobermans awaiting their forever homes at Doberman Rescue Minnesota.

It all began in 2009, after a series of major life changing events, when Lee left her demanding career in the corporate world to start up her very own company in the areas that give her the most joy...that of working with animals and people. Lee has combined over 25 years of animal expertise and devotion together with her highly developed customer service skills and business acumen to create Signature Pet Services.