During a dog sitting service I took this beautiful dog to the beach for a great long dog walking adventure

Signature Pet Services Dog Activities

If you are new to the North Saanich or Sidney areas or you are just looking for some fun (and perhaps unusual) dog activities, I hope this list of fun dog activities will inspire you. These dog activities will mostly include dog walking activities and dog and puppy socialization activities that take anywhere from 15 minutes (if your schedule is very busy) to half a day. These activities are a great way to bond with your dog or puppy, meet new people, relax and leave the stress of the office behind and most importantly have some fun!



Yes, professional photography is not an inexpensive service - but with the right photographer it is worth every penny and the photos will provide you and your family with lasting memories of time spent with your beloved dog. Not only is a professional photo shoot with your dog a total blast, but in the end you get to keep the memories forever.



This is a fun and sometimes practical thing to do, especially when you are in need of dog food, treats and other dog-related supplies. Make a list of pet supply shops in your area, there will likely be everything from big-box chains to little mom and pop shops. Pick a few and plan to visit them. This is a great way to decide where the best place to purchase your dog's supplies and also, most important, a place to socialize your dog or puppy in a dog-friendly place. Tip: when you are in each store, check with them to see if the brand of dog food you are using has a loyalty program (for example: you buy 10 bags of dog food and the next one is free) - if so you could save yourself a few hundred dollars or more a year.



Taking a dog obedience group class is another excellent way to socialize your dog or puppy. And, meet new like-minded people, if you are new to the area. The North Saanich Dog Obedience Training Club offers several levels of obedience classes for both dogs and puppies. If your dog is walking you instead of you walking your dog - this class may just be the help you need.



One of Dr. Ian Dunbar's suggestions for the always important puppy socialization is to host a puppy party. This is simple and fun way to socialize your pup and a great reason to have a party! Invite a few friends over who have a new pup and/or a well socialized dog (so your pup has only positive experiences at his party). Don't just invite your dog park pals - unless you know them and their dog's behaviour and house-training status as this may be a recipe for disaster. Be sure to invite some men too (for some reason dogs tend to be apprehensive about men) or ask a pal to bring a man as a date to your puppy party. Plan a few puppy socialization games such as Hide and Seek or the Treat Cup Name Game.

Here are some quick instructions for a fun game of Puppy Hide and Seek. As good finding skills lead to good dog walking skills, this is a good game to start with. Best with puppies around 12 - 14 weeks old. Leave your puppy with one person or sitting quietly in a room (if just you are playing). Hide (make it easy - remember your puppy has puppy brain still) and shake a little cup with some treats inside of it. As you shake the cup, call your puppy's name repeatedly. As your puppy gets closer/warmer, praise him wildly and give him a treat as a reward, once he finds you. If he is in the wrong direction or changes direction - be very still and quiet. One rule: If your puppy is taking longer than 30 seconds to locate you, you are hiding too well. Remember, quick and easy will build your puppy's confidence and his determination.



Exploring your own neighbourhood is an easy, quick and inexpensive activity. Just leash up your dog or pup and take them for a stroll around your neighbourhood. If you are new to your area, this is a fun way to meet new people and to socialize your dog or pup. Even a quick 20 minute walk will allow your dog or pup to sniff, explore and receive outside stimulation and feel much more fulfilled and better about himself. In a perfect world an hour a day walk is best but 20 minutes is better than no walk at all, and your dog will thank you. Don't forget to pick up after your pooch as it is the law and will not endear you to your neighbour if you do not.