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Tig during his Kitty Sitting Session
Meet Signature Kitty, Tiglet, during his Kitty Sit doing what he does best – hanging out


Are you bonded and insured?

The best gaming offers in casino 25 euro bonus ohne einzahlung 2021 our casino follow the link! Signature Pet Services is both bonded and insured. In addition, Signature Pet Services is registered with the Province of British Columbia and holds a valid business license with the City of Surrey. I am also a Certified Professional Pet Sitter.

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I am interested in finding out how to become a client?

You can either call Signature Pet Services or click on the contact button to the left of this page/or the contact link on the bottom of this page. The first order of business is to determine what you and your pet’s current needs are in terms of services and what dates you are looking for. Be sure to have this information on hand and include it in your email or voicemail (if you leave one). Once we determine the availability of the service you desire, the next step is the meet and greet. The ideal present pertaining to bettors mobile online casino bonus ohne einzahlung. Are available on. Increased potential for profitable!

If you are not clear on what a meet and greet is, please refer to the FAQ regarding what is a meet and greet?

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Can you walk my dog or sit my cat during the holidays, and if so how much extra do you charge?

I know from my own experience and that of other pet owners the frustration in trying to find good pet sitting services at fair prices during the holidays. So with that in mind, at this time I am pleased to offer my in-home dog boarding, dog sitting, puppy sitting and Kitty sitting services during the holidays. A premium is usually charged ranging from $10 to $15 a day depending on the particular service, type of pet, and of course the actual holiday. This Christmas and New Years holidays are slightly higher.

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How does your in-home dog boarding work?

My in-home dog boarding is best described on my Signature Dog Services’ page. In a nutshell, your dog stays in my home with me and my two dogs. I combine your dog’s routine with my own dogs’ routine for a routine that best suits the pack. In order to accomplish this effectively, I usually accept only two dogs at a time. For example, if every Saturday I take my dogs for a long walk and your dog is used to more moderate exercise then I would change up the schedule that day to include a shortened on-leash walk in the forested park nearby or in my neighbourhood. Individual and/or special walks or requests for your dog are almost always accommodated.

I am very particular about the dogs accepted for in-home boarding, therefore, all dogs are very carefully screened as it is very important to have only healthy, well mannered, stable dogs (with no negative behaviours) stay in my home. Dogs who have separation anxiety are not suitable for this service. Simply put, this service is not for everyone. And, it books up very fast so if you are planning a vacation you will need to contact me well in advance – and if your dog is accepted into my in-home boarding – he or she will thank you!

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I want to have my dog walked every week, how do I pay for this service? 

At the end of every billing cycle, I will provide you with an invoice that you can pay by either cash or cheque. All invoices are payable upon receipt.

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Why do my dog and cat need to be vaccinated?

Vaccines are required to help prevent our pets from getting serious and sometimes fatal diseases. It is, however, very important that we do not over-vaccinate our pets. So with that in mind, my policy where I recommend all vaccines are either current or titer test results indicate vaccination is currently not required is simply that – just my recommendation. If you are a pet owner whose veterinarian advises a more conservative and holistic approach to vaccines – we can certainly discuss this further at our initial consultation. Please see the in-home-boarding service vaccine protocols as they are mandatory for this service, but only this service.

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What do you do with my house key?

As a homeowner myself, I take everything related to security very seriously and will therefore treat your house key with the utmost care at all times.  Your house key is held in a secure and locked area and maintained with an intricate coding system.  For added security, addresses and phone numbers are never attached to their corresponding house key and the coding system is kept separately.

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What is a meet and greet?

Once you have decided on your Signature Pet Service, you can contact Lee Wyllie through any of following: Complete the inquiry form on the Contact page or click on any Contact link on the Signature Pet Services’ web site.

From there, you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule your complimentary Signature Consultation Service (otherwise known as the meet and greet) appointment time. This consultation typically runs between 30 minutes to one hour and its purpose is to get acquainted with you and your pet, gather/exchange information, obtain keys and deposit, review current policies and procedures and discuss your service requirements. This meeting is mandatory.

Pricing: Free

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