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Signature Pet Services Top Three Favourites

Signature Pet Services has chosen these three favourites for you.

Chilly Dogs makes amazing and super cool custom coats for dogs.

Growlies located in the Victoria area has an extensive selection of foods both fresh and other and is there to help you with your dog's nutritional needs.

And, last but not least, Greyhound Pets Inc. (GPI), located in the Seattle area is the best place to go, if you are looking for your first dog or a companion for your existing dog.

Sabrina who was adopted from GPI has recently joined the Signature Pet Services pack. GPI is a very generous and organized adoption group well worth the trip.


Cool Custom Coat for your Dog:

Chilly Dogs www.chillydogs.ca


Fresh Pet Food Advice and More:

Growlies www.growlies.ca


Adopt a 45 mile-an-hour Couch Potato:

Greyhound Pets Inc. (GPI) www.greyhoundpetsinc.org