Beautiful Maine Coon Cat lounging in a leather chair



Pricing: $25 for one kitty, $30 two or more kitties.

This kitty sitting service is for indoor kitties only and may include the following: Kitty games and play, light grooming, feed and freshen water bowl, and litter box maintenance.  A written or electronic record of this kitty sitting service will be provided for you upon your return, if you so desire.

This kitty sitting service is also available long-term and of course may be tailored to meet your kitty's special needs while you are away, including medication administration. All you have to do is ask.

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Pricing: Pricing starts at $35

This simple, yet very popular service is helpful for those clients with busy lives and who also understand the importance of their kitty's health and grooming. Signature Pet Taxi for Kitty is great for drop-off and pick-up at the groomer or the veterinarian. Early hours are not a problem. Kitty must have her own travel case or crate.

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If your kitty is currently receiving medication or supplementation, please advise at time of booking as an additional fee may be charged for regular administration of medication.

Please note: All kitties will stay indoors during Signature Kitty Sit Service.