Signature Pet Services:Pet Sitting Policies
Five very cute Signature Kittens posing for a picture during their Kitty Sit
Meet Signature Kitties, Daisy, Angel, Rufus, Mouse and Gingerwhat fun!



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For any dog sitting, pup sitting, kitty sitting service or in-home boarding period of two consecutive (2) days, or more, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of confirmation of service. This is necessary to reserve the service. Due to the popularity of these services, Signature Pet Services is not able to hold space without deposit/and all confirmation requirements. There are no circumstances where there would be a refund of this deposit – it is a non-refundable deposit. The ideal offer you with regard to gamblers online casino bonus ohne einzahlung ohne download. Appear on. Improved potential for succeeding!


Signature Pet Services requires 48 hours advance notice for cancellations or rescheduling of the following services: Dog walking, training, dog day care, dog visit, pup visit, relief/mini-walk, kitty visit, consultations and home inspections (for in-home boarding) etc. If the service is cancelled in less than 48 hours in advance or the service is not kept due to rescheduling, there is a cancellation fee equivalent to the regular rate of the service. In the case of chronic cancellations, Signature Pet Services will terminate the service.


The following Signature Pet Services forms and documents will be completed and received prior to the commencement of any service. If forms are received in partial form and/or forms are missing the service will not commence. The forms are: pet profile, policies & procedures, vet release form, service agreement, copy of vaccination records and proof of valid dog license (not mandatory). These forms are typically completed during the meet and greet process.


This is a mandatory meeting held at the potential client’s residence. New clients are not accepted under any circumstances without first going through the meet and greet process. To find out more about the meet and greet, you can go to either the Dog Services or FAQ web pages.


All dogs must be well behaved, at least one year of age, fully housetrained, non-aggressive, 100% healthy and disease free, socialized around all sizes of dogs, and non-destructive. Signature Pet Services will only accept dogs it deems as suitable for this service and reserves the right to refuse any dog for behaviours or other reasons it deems as unsuitable and/or detrimental to both the resident dogs and the service. 

Signature Pet Services does not accept dogs who are: injured, recovering from injuries, sick, suffering from separation anxiety or who have ‘special health needs’ that cannot be accommodated within the in-home dog boarding service. 

All vaccines, flea and parasite control must be 100% up-to-date and administered at least 14 days before service and written proof of this must be provided before confirmation.

Pick up and drop off times are between 8:00am and 3:00pm Monday to Friday, and between 9:00am and 1:00pm Saturday, Sunday and holidays. All pick up and drop off times are by appointment only.

During the summer months earlier morning pickup times will be made available.


Signature Pet Services provides its services by appointment only. The service areas for Signature Pet Services are limited to most areas of South Surrey and White Rock. Clients must have a current veterinarian and the veterinarian must operate in either the South Surrey or White Rock area. Or, a family member or reliable emergency contact must be available to take the pet for care, in the event of a medical emergency or illness. An additional fee of $10 to $15 may be charged for providing service outside of regular service hours and/or days and on recognized statutory holidays. Please note that pricing, service and policy are subject to change without notice, see www.signaturepetservices.ca for up-to-date information.


For safety and reference, Signature Pet Services will take photos of your pet to keep on file.  These photos may be used for promotional purposes on Signature Pet Services’ web site, with permission only.


House keys are insured and held in a secure and locked area and maintained with a private coding system. 


All services performed by Signature Pet Services are subject to current and applicable taxes as required by law.


Signature Pet Services reserves the right to refuse any pet that is anti-social, intact, in heat, pregnant, ill or injured, recovering from injury, and/or who may cause harm to other pets, itself, or the public or who is otherwise unsuitable for Signature Pet Services.

A complete list of polices and procedures are provided at the consultation/meet and greet or may be provided prior, if necessary or upon request.

Polices are subject to change.

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