Signature Pet Services:Puppy Sitting Services
Maggie, the adorable Westie frolicking in the grass on a puppy socialization visit
Meet Signature Pup, Maggie, enjoying her daily visit with Lee which includes some socializing, obedience and puppy games



Pricing: $25 for half hour visit; $32 for one hour visit The most beneficial supply to get gamblers online casino bonus ohne einzahlung. Can come on. Increased prospect of successful!

This puppy visit service can be scheduled during the day or evening and can include the following: The best gaming offers in 25 euro no deposit casino our casino follow the link! Socialization, reinforcement of your puppy’s training, administration of medication, feed and freshen water bowl, puppy games, and of course a potty break or two. A written or electronic record of this puppy service will be provided for you. This puppy service may help to reinforce your puppy’s existing potty training schedule and provide him with much needed socialization and will go a long way in preventing damage to your home due to early unwanted behaviour problems caused by boredom and lack of mental stimulation.

Hours for this puppy visit service: Anytime

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Pricing: $20 for pup relief/mini walk service

This puppy relief/mini walk service provides your puppy with relief of a potty break, working on some of early obedience commands and a quick stretch of his legs. He can then relax and return to his den or special area to await your return home. This puppy relief/mini walk service will provide relief for both you and your pup and will go a long way in preventing damage to your flooring and harm to your pup’s bladder and kidneys.

Hours for this puppy relief service: Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 4:00pm

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Pricing: Pricing starts at $30

This simple, yet very popular service is helpful for those clients with busy lives and who also understand the importance of their puppy’s new routine. Signature Pet Taxi for Pup is great for drop-off and pick-up at the groomer, daycare or the veterinarian. Medium to large size pups must be able to get into vehicle on their own. Early hours are not a problem.

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Pricing: $60-$75 a day for puppy sitting service

This puppy sitting service is suitable for when you are away for a weekend or longer duration and includes the following: One morning visit, one mid-day visit or relief visit/mini walk, one evening visit and all your care instructions will be followed. The focus of each visit will be to keep your young pup safe, content and comfortable while you are away. This pup sitting service will help him stay relaxed in his own surroundings with his toys, bed, den, and all the familiar scents of home. An extra visit can always be added in between to support your pup’s potty training schedule.

For added peace of mind, you can be contacted at your destination to let you know all is well at home with your pup. A written or electronic record of this puppy sitting service will be provided for you upon your return.

Hours for this puppy sitting service: Anytime

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Pricing: $90 for overnight puppy sitting service

This overnight puppy sitting service is specifically tailored to meet your pup’s every need….all that you have to do is ask – what more can I say! Add on services such as private dog walks or puppy socialization walks are available upon request.

Hours for this overnight puppy sitting service: Book early as this unique puppy sitting service is one of Signature Pet Services’ most requested services and is available on a very limited basis.

This overnight dog sitting service is only being offered to clients living within a 5km roundtrip of the Chantrell/Elgin areas of South Surrey.

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Pricing: Free when booking five puppy services.

With any five Signature Pup Visits, Signature Pup Sitting or Signature Pup Relief/Mini Walk service, Lee Wyllie can come to your home and suggest easy and inexpensive ways to help puppy-proof your new pup’s environment. It helps to get your pup off to the right start by removing items and/or securing items that may be harmful to his health and costly to your wallet. All you need to do is request this service at the time of booking your five puppy services and a convenient time will be booked to meet.

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AND, if you need a puppy service that is not listed – please ask as I can accommodate almost any puppy service request, just don’t be shy!



1. Puppies must be ten weeks to eight months old; 2. First set of vaccinations and/or boosters when deemed appropriate by your veterinarian; 3. Annual Bordatella vaccine for kennel cough and flea/parasite control program; 4. Rabies vaccine (age appropriate); 5. Basic leash manners; 6. Current dog license (once at age when required by bylaw – not mandatory).

Vaccines are required to help prevent our pets from getting serious and sometimes fatal diseases. It is, however, very important that we do not over-vaccinate our pets. So with that in mind, my above policy where I recommend all vaccines are either current or titer test results indicate vaccination is currently not required is simply that – just my recommendation. If you are a pet owner whose veterinarian advises a more conservative and holistic approach to vaccines – we can certainly discuss this at our initial consultation.

If your pup is currently receiving medication or supplementation, please advise at time of booking as a small additional fee may be charged for regular administration of medication.


Signature Pet Services reserves the right to refuse any dog that is anti-social, intact, in heat, pregnant, ill or injured, recovering from injury, and/or who may cause harm to other pets, itself, or the public or who is otherwise unsuitable for Signature Pet Services.

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