Rocket, the wrinkle dog relaxing after a nice long dog walk  in the sunshine next to the outdoor swimming pool


At Signature Pet Services you will have peace of mind knowing your dog, puppy or kitty is receiving all the attention and affection they deserve during any Signature Pet Service. Not only will your pet be taken care of but also your home and personal information will be safe in both responsible and careful hands. 

The service areas for Signature Pet Services are limited to most areas of North Saanich and Sidney.

AND, if you don't see the dog, pup or kitty service you are looking for - don't be shy just ask and most special requests can be accommodated so long as they are in the required service areas.


Does your dog deserve only the finest care and attention when you are away from home?  If so, he can become a Signature Dog and receive all the benefits of in-home dog boarding, dog day care, pet taxi for dog, dog walks, daily dog visits, dog relief/mini walks, dog sitting and overnight dog sitting personalized just for him and reasonably priced for your budget. 


How about your puppy, does he deserve only the finest care and attention when you are away from home?  If so, he can become a Signature Pup and receive all the benefits of daily puppy visits, puppy relief/mini-walks, pet taxi for puppy, puppy sitting, or overnight puppy sitting personalized for his developing puppy needs and reasonably priced for your budget.


How about your kitty, does she deserve only the finest care and attention when you are away from home? If so, she can become a Signature Kitty and receive all the benefits of pet taxi for kitty, daily kitty visits or long-term kitty sitting personalized just for her and reasonably priced for your budget.  


Once you have decided on your Signature Pet Service, you can contact Lee Wyllie through the Contact page or click on any Contact by email link located on the bottom of any Signature Pet Services' web page.

From there, you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule your complimentary Signature Consultation Service (otherwise known as the meet and greet) appointment time. This consultation typically runs between 30 minutes to one hour and its purpose is to get acquainted with you and your pet, gather/exchange information, obtain keys and deposit, review current policies and procedures and discuss your service requirements. This meeting is mandatory.

There is no obligation after this initial information gathering session should you choose not to book with Signature Pet Services. Please note that after this initial consultation, any further consultations or meetings requested by the client will be available at an additional cost. If Signature Pet Services arranges the additional consultation or meeting - there is no additional cost.

Pricing: Free


Signature Pet Services reserves the right to refuse any pet that is anti-social, intact, in heat, pregnant, ill or injured, recovering from injury, and/or who may cause harm to other pets, itself, or the public or who is otherwise unsuitable for Signature Pet Services.