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During a dog sitting service I took this beautiful dog to the beach for a great long dog walking adventure
My Favourite Top 10 Dog Activity – Dog Walking at Crescent Beach in South Surrey


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My most favourite dog activity is to take my dog Madeline to Crescent Beach. This is also a great way to start the day or unwind at the end of a busy day.

Just take your dog for a dog walk, you can walk the entire area on leash (be careful of the City’s bylaws and date restrictions) and then head to Blackie Spit off-leash beach area and off-leash dog park. You and your dog can have a blast at the off-leash beach area especially when there are other well socialized dogs playing there, just beware you both may need a bath after. While I am not a big advocate of off-leash dog parks as I have seen many situations between both dogs and dog owners go terribly wrong, this off-leash dog park is one of the best around. This is a smaller off-leash dog park and so far my experience has been that the owners who take their dogs there seem to have an interest in their dog’s behaviour. It is always a good rule, and one I follow all the time, to take a few minutes to watch who is in the off-leash dog park before entering with your dog. The things I watch out for are what the dog owners are doing, what the dogs are doing, how many dogs are there and is there aggressive pack behaviour. Only well socialized dogs belong at the off-leash dog park – aggressive dogs should not be there to be socialized.



Head to the White Rock Farmers Market with your dog for some outdoor fun, food for you and your dog and a great way to meet other people with their dogs. The Farmers Market typically runs summer and winter – with summer location being 15154 Russell at Johnston and winter being the Elks Hall at 1469 George. Check your local paper or call them at 604-897-3276 to find out who is going to have a table and the hours, etc.



This is a fun and sometimes practical thing to do, especially when you are in need of dog food, treats and other dog-related supplies. Make a list of pet supply shops in your area, there will likely be everything from big-box chains to little mom and pop shops. Pick a few and plan to visit them. This is a great way to decide where the best place to purchase your dog’s supplies and also, most important, a place to socialize your dog in a dog-friendly place. Tip: when you are in each store, check with them to see if the brand of dog food you are using has a loyalty program (for example: you buy 10 bags of dog food and the next one is free) – if so you could save yourself a few hundred dollars or more a year. Woof!



Campbell Valley Park is a fantastic park in the Langley area and it is enjoyed by dog walkers, nature lovers and local historical buffs. There are picnic areas, great trails, plenty of wildlife, and really cool wooden walkways and the old Langley Speedway. Campbell Valley Park tends to attract friendly people which makes this a great place to meet fellow dog walkers or just local folks out enjoying the park. We find that when we are walking our two dogs that families often stop us and ask us about our dogs, which of course we love. In general, this is a very large park and provides something for everyone. The park can be reached from either Hwy 1 or 99. From Hwy 1, take the Langley City–200th Street South exit (exit 58) and travel 9 miles (14.5 km) south. Turn east on 16th Avenue for the North Valley entrance. Or turn east on Eighth Avenue for the South Valley entrance. From Hwy 99, take the Eighth Avenue East exit (exit 2), travel 4.7 miles (7.5 km), and follow the park signs.



At first glance, you may think this is an odd (very odd probably) dog activity but I have to tell you Rona was a very valuable tool in my puppy socialization tool box when my Doberman Pinscher Madeline was a puppy. You see with a powerful breed such as the Doberman, an owner has the responsibility to socialize the puppy (no exception). We knew we needed to socialize her and because we had just moved to South Surrey and knew no one this was not an easy task especially when it came to having her socialized around little kids and men. It was during our renovation when we began making regular trips to Rona and started to bring Madeline along. The staff at Rona were friendly and always offered her a dog treat and because she was so cute little kids wanted to meet her and because she was a Doberman men wanted to meet her. An added bonus was that other people had their well behaved dogs there as well so Madeline was able to receive great puppy socialization that included the car ride to Rona, being around cars and a busy parking lot, meeting lots of people and their dogs, and she got to practice her obedience and leash manners.

Today Madeline is a well travelled and highly socialized dog who is very comfortable in hotels, airports and other busy, noisy and crowded environments. She loves meeting new dogs and people.



Taking a dog obedience group class is another excellent way to socialize your dog or puppy. The City of Surrey offers several levels of obedience classes for both dogs and puppies. Now these classes are not small (and yes usually a good rule of thumb is the smaller the class the better) however, these classes are inexpensive, fun, informative, and a great way to bond with your dog or pup and meet new local folks. If your dog is walking you instead of you walking your dog – this class may just be the help you need. I am all about good value for my dollar and these courses fit the bill.



One of the Dr. Ian Dunbar’s suggestions for the always important puppy socialization is to host a puppy party. This is simple and fun way to socialize your pup and a great reason to have a party! Invite a few friends over who have a new pup and/or a well socialized dog (so your pup has only positive experiences at his party). Don’t just invite your dog park pals – unless you know them and their dog’s behaviour and house-training status as this may be a recipe for disaster. Be sure to invite some men too (for some reason dogs tend to be apprehensive about men) or ask a pal to bring a man as a date to your puppy party. Plan a few puppy socialization games such as Hide and Seek or the Treat Cup Name Game.

Here are some quick instructions for a fun game of Puppy Hide and Seek. As good finding skills lead to good dog walking skills, this is a good game to start with. Best with puppies around 14 weeks old. Leave your puppy with one person or sitting quietly in a room (if just you are playing). Hide (make it easy – remember your puppy has puppy brain still) and shake a little cup with some treats inside of it. As you shake the cup, call your puppy’s name repeatedly. As your puppy gets closer/warmer, praise him wildly and give him a treat as a reward, once he finds you. If he is in the wrong direction or changes direction – be very still and quiet. One rule: If your puppy is taking longer than 30 seconds to locate you, you are hiding too well. Remember, quick and easy will build your puppy’s confidence and his determination.



Sunnyside Park is a really good nature trail to enjoy with your dog. This is a smaller park and does get busy but is always still enjoyable. My favorite time to go is earlier in the morning or on a rainy day when it is not too busy. This is not an off-leash trail and if you do bend the rules and go off-leash in the early morning – I caution you and your dog to respect the coyotes who live in the park area as you may be sharing a trail or two with them and they are not always shy.



Exploring your own neighbourhood is an easy, quick and inexpensive activity. Just leash up your dog or pup and take them for a stroll around your neighbourhood. If you are new to your area, this is a fun way to meet new people and to socialize your dog or pup. Even a quick 20 minute walk will allow your dog or pup to sniff, explore and receive outside stimulation and feel much more fulfilled and better about himself. In a perfect world an hour a day walk is best but 20 minutes is better than no walk at all, and your dog will thank you. Don’t forget to pick up after your pooch as it is the law and will not endear you to your neighbours if you do not.


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